Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pastel Paintings Sale Blog

I've been painting in soft pastel for over 25 years. Long story short: no room to paint in pastels and an urge to move on. (God given!) I have a staggering pile of over 250 pastel paintings ~ credible, beautiful, fun artwork, bagged up and hidden away in the dark of my art cabinet. Take a look: Paintings for a Song

Corrales Acequia, 9" x 9"

Colorado Contrasts, 9" x 9"


  1. If I could afford them I'd jump at this opportunity. Some person would be very fortunate to have them!

    And just let me say thank-you for creating this website and offering your book!!

    May positive things always come your way!

  2. Hope you don't mind but I published a link to your wonderful book on google+. It is just too good not to share with the other artist there. Glad to see you are on G+. Hope you post there more. I have a great artist circle if you are interested.

  3. This sale was really awesome I purchased three canvas paintings here I remeber. Still these paintings are hanged in my drawing room wall. Such a great sale it was.

  4. Wow! Wow! And Wow! It’s truly an honor. Thank you so much! I’m new to this and working hard to get out there.


Thanks for your comment on Painting the Landscape in Pastels ~Deborah