Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blue Ribbon

Writing and freely publishing this book has been a blessing in so many ways, and trust me, it's a gift to you but it also gives to me. None of us is selfishly giving, and that in itself is the reason it's so good.

This  morning I awoke early, blearily opened my email and saw a message from Katherine Tyrrell marked, 'you've won The Best Book by an Art Blogger Blue Ribbon (Making A Mark Awards 2010).' How nice, I thought. I hadn't had my coffee or spent time in the Bible, as I do every morning, and I was pleased. But it wasn't until I visited Making a Mark that I was absolutely bowled over by this generous recognition!

Please take a moment to go over to her blog and read the stunning company listed on that page, in order to understand how I feel right now. I must tell you that I have never considered myself and what I've written here as coming close to ranking alongside Richard McKinley or Deborah Paris. Their books are amazing! They're each consummate professionals, recognized widely and very authoritative. I respect each of them immensely and have had the pleasure of a certain amount of interaction with each of them at various times.

I think the thing that pleases me most is that it was the giving that tipped the balance. That wasn't me. That was the Lord. Some may not understand, while others no doubt do, but suffice it to say that I gave the book away as a gift to honor Jesus.

All the thanks I've received from people all over the world, and now this lovely Blue Ribbon, are His.



  1. Deborah,
    You should be congratulated for such a giving act and for all your many blessings... creating beautiful art! Way to go!

  2. Deborah,
    You are also a consummate professional and your ability and willingness to give freely sets you in what I consider the world class of professional artists. I'm always impressed by your beautiful work. You deserve every accolade and then some. Way to go!

  3. Dear Deborah,
    Congratulations!! Really, really, I'm happy for you, as an illustrator, I know publishing industry. How wonderful! But it is simply becuase of your noble attitude and faith towards publishing, which has touched many souls and moved hearts. You deserve it. Wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2011 will be a more fruitful year for you.
    Best wishes, Sadami

  4. Deborah, congratulations on the award and also for your hard work and wonderful sharing with all of us. I think of you every time we are in ABQ. I will get in touch with you one of these trips! We appreciate your generous heart.

  5. Well deserved. Your book is brilliant but greater is your generosity. Thankyou so much.

  6. God gave you so many talents (art, enthusiasm, writing, communication, connecting with others, etc.) By sharing your God-given gifts with others you have thanked the Lord in the best way possible--by being the "you" that he created you to be! I am grateful to have received benefit from your gifts.

  7. Many thanks, Sadami, Jo and Sarah.

    Jo, I hope you do get in touch sometime.

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  8. Congratulations! You well deserve this award.

  9. Deborah - just to reiterate, it's not uncommon now to find writers trialling some of the content - and getting feedback - on their blogs while writing their books. It's a neat way of working out how to chunk up a book apart from anything else! :)

    However your gift of the whole of your book is absolutely amazing. The ease of access makes all the difference. However the very act of giving will I think prompt others to share in their lives and give of their gifts and knowledge to others - and that can only be to the good.

    I certainly know I will be referring people to your book for a long time to come.

    Please note I also have your online classes blog in the blogroll of The Art of the Landscape in addition to the ongoing blog for this book. They are both a huge asset to the landscape and pastel painting communities.

  10. Congratulations! I don't know you but I feel very happy for this recognition to you for your wonderful book. God bless you in every way.

  11. Thanks so much.

    I hope everyone enjoys having the information here and will feel to pass the word to to other art students, as well as copy and print whatever you need to study (for your own personal use, of course.)

    Yes, and as Katerine mentioned, come on over to my class blog, too:

  12. Congratulations, Deborah! You deserve this award so much. Your book has become a resource I give new artists whenever they want to know about pastels. When I meet someone online from a country where it's hard to get art books or supplies and do what I can to help them, I have this wonderful free resource to give them right away.

    I just visited again today to get the link to give it to an online friend overseas. He's just starting out. What caused you to win is something that moves me just as deeply. All I can do to thank you is pass it on, teach, help and mentor everyone I can.


  13. Perfect, Robert! That is EXACTLY what I hope will happen. We all need to just keep passing it on. Blessings to you...

  14. Congratulations. Your gift of knowledge is a wonderful thing.

  15. Deborah, thank you for the gift of your book and your years of experience as a pastel painter. I look forward to reading it page by page and learning new techniques that you share. Thanks for your loving spirit in sharing the gospel, our greatest gift.

    Paul Harman


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